Retribution or Karma

Could it be that the universe is now seeking retribution for some unnamed mistake you made or some lapse of judgment you experienced some time ago? After all, there is no reasonable explanation for bad luck, right?  Wrong.  Being in  the middle of a long process of coincidences and bad happenings it feels like you … Continue reading Retribution or Karma

A New Path

You may have to help guide someone down a new path.  This could be a family member or co-worker or a stranger. It  will be up to you to enlighten this person, and to help them to feel calm and confident. It is very likely, though, that the old familiar path will be the preferred … Continue reading A New Path

Growth and Enlightment

You have evolved,  in an opinion you once thought would never change. Your growth and enlightment has been so dramatic, you feel you have outgrown all that you are. Spring is a metaphor that fits well right now.  Facing new beginnings in life is somewhat scary.  Especially when you haven’t experienced a chapter like this … Continue reading Growth and Enlightment